Design & Structuring

What impact does great design have on a startup’s success, and how can they best apply design when on a shoestring budget? It is a mistake to think that plowing design resources into a visual identity, as usual, will do the job. It is important to understand that the startup game is fundamentally different from that of established firms. They are designing a firm and its first product simultaneously and doing this in a high-risk market-technology area with expensive and limited resources.

It is all about the “team” not “the plan.” From inception. nurturing a culture with a philosophy all their own in order to glue the organization together is the first steps. If it is going to be a design driven organization, design has to be on board from the outset.

Design needs to facilitate the process of crystallizing the culture’s values, beliefs, vision and mission.

From there, design can be a part of developing the business strategy, as well as, the business model and business plan and translating these three components into actionable design briefs.

Having one or a few employed can result in developing a limited set of skills, as compared to a consultancy staff. Filling the gaps from your pit falls is key to your success.