Human Capital

We are a premier provider of outsourced human resources services, which includes the services described below.


Talent Acquisition

  • Structure a compliant hiring process using a branded career portal.
  • Structure a time saving onboarding process.
  • Structure seamless human capital information plug-in to all APIs for mandatory reporting and operational needs.
  • Link human capital needs to overall organizational goals.
  • Track analytics to be used for benchmarks to improve your organization’s bottom-line.
  • Candidates can be selected or sourced from career platforms and sent directly to your custom portal.
  • Organization will have the ability to post jobs from your social networks.
  • Social distribution network Connection Center will allow you to manage your Facebook,

Twitter, and LinkedIn platforms.


Talent Management

  • Include a Branded Career portal allowing your organization to attract desired talent through social distribution.
  • Handling of entire interviewing, hiring, and reporting process.
  • Introduce a step-by-step process for onboarding new employees.
  • Organize process for compliance reporting and accounting.
  • Create a diversity and inclusion initiative.
  • Incorporate a succession plan.


Employment Compliance

Create a Compliance Reporting and Accounting Process.

Geneses Consulting will source and monitor all required federal, state, local, and industry standard benefits.


These services will include but not be limited to the following:

  • Payroll record maintenance and management for ACA reporting
  • Online paystubs and W-2s record keeping
  • Employment verification reporting
  • PTO accruals reporting
  • Garnishment and deduction administration
  • Payroll compliance
  • Payroll processing


Create a Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Collaborate with senior staff to create, train and roll out organization’s overall diversity and inclusion strategy. This would create an organizational culture that provides opportunities to improve decision-making that utilizes the potential in the diverse workforce, becoming more productive and innovative.

Roll out would include the following:

  • Identify how the organization allocates resources (people, time, money) related to diversity
  • Roll out of organization’s diversity and inclusion department and or committee
  • Train staff on organization’s specific initiatives relating to diversity and inclusion
  • Creating organization’s policies relating to diversity and inclusion
  • Create platforms to communicate organization’s diversity and inclusion strategy to employees as well as customers
  • Provide awareness and skills training to managers about diversity and inclusion
  • Create training and polices that hold managers accountable for responding to diversity initiatives
  • Provide awareness and skills training to employees about diversity and inclusion while monitoring programs
  • Create Organizational practices and procedures that allow and provide employees with development opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge



Custom Employee Handbook

Your custom employee handbook starts with a foundation of policies and statements that has been expertly crafted to comply with your company’s local, state, and federal employment laws. Our custom employee handbook is carefully produced to relay your organization’s practices as well as comply with all laws and regulations. The handbook can then be printed for employees as well as shared digitally on all necessary platforms.

Benefits of an Employee Handbook

  • An introduction for new employees to the policies, procedures and culture of
    your company
  • A helpful tool for employees and supervisors to understand and consistently
    adhere to organizational practices
  • A reliable basis for employee performance management and
    disciplinary actions
  • Legal evidence that your company’s policies are consistent with and encourage adherence to employment laws


Each custom employee handbook contains the following:

  • Introduction
  • Employment
  • Workplace
  • Property
  • Policies
  • Safety
  • Compensation


Additional Employee Handbook Options

  • Social media and networking policy
  • Unpaid Personal leave policy
  • Benefits quick Look (summary of benefits plan)
  • Benefits narrative summary
  • Paid time off and leave of absence policies
  • Other company or industry specific policies
  • Employee handbook PowerPoint